Easy to get Halloween treats

Every year for Halloween, we try to do something for our kids and their friends in the way of a party or some type of social gathering. The families in our neighborhood take turns hosting each year, and I am always amazed at the number of goodies that are provided. What surprised me even more was when I found out that there are some very easy Halloween treats for the big day.

halloween photoThe first thing I remember eating at least year’s Halloween party was a popcorn ball made to look like a pumpkin. In talking to the woman who made it, I learned that it was very simple. All it took was popcorn, marshmallows, butter, orange food coloring and chocolate. Of all of the easy Halloween treats that were available to the kids, this was the most enjoyable, because all of the kids went nuts over them.

Easy Halloween treats are not just limited to food, either. One of the things my wife makes that all of the kids in our neighborhood love each year is ice pops, where she freezes some type of orange drink with black sticks in them to give them that sort of Halloween feel. It is probably the cheapest of all of the Halloween treats and it is also one that gets talked about quite a bit. I can tell that my wife takes quite a bit of joy in all of the compliments, with just the slightest touch of envy, she receives.

Along the same line, our neighbor makes a punch that is orange and puts black straws in them for the kids to drink from, and they all come in clear cups with Halloween motifs.

A classic among the easy Halloween treats that we seem to always have are the Halloween cookies that are shaped like witches, vampires, Frankenstein and so forth. Those are alwhalloween photoays fun to watch kids eat because they all want to pick out their favorite characters. Invariably an argument will develop over which kids gets which monster, and we can’t help but laugh because they all taste exactly the same!

There are all kinds of easy Halloween treats to prepare for kids when the holiday rolls around each year. I have seen Halloween-themed pizzas and cakes, and of course, there are all kinds of Halloween candies, which I have often had an issue with. If the kids are going out trick or treating, the object of which is to get candy, why do they have Halloween-themed candy as well? I’m not sure, but it is just one more thing to add to a wide spread of Halloween treats.