Schools for Actors

acting photoIt’s not unusual for children to grow up wanting to be super-stars. We all have that natural desire to be known. Obviously I mean recognized in a good way. Whether it be through scientific achievements, rock star fame, or becoming a world renowned actor, we want to leave our mark on planet earth. This way generations to come will all know and see that we’ve been here. Needless to say, this is one of the reasons acting schools across the nation are booming. Guys and gals of all ages are trying their hand at fame and hoping for the best. Everyone wants to be that next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

When I think of acting schools and true drama talent, I automatically assume that it only pertains to the
beautiful. A close buddy of mine back in college went through the whole theater and film schooling. His goal was to be the next Bruce Willis, as he said it. Toward the end of his college career, I went to see him give a performance on campus. It was outstanding. I was literally taken-back by his acting skills. This guy had true talent, and the routine acting schools/courses had paid off. He was now destined for Hollywood. He proceeded in moving out to the L.A. area to stay with a relative. Talk about being fortunate. Most wanna-be stars headed for Tinsel Town lack a wealthy relative living in Southern California. This guy had it made thus far. However, he had one strike against him. He didn’t have the Cary Grant or Tom Cruise looks working for him. This could be a problem. Afteact photor all, how many big stars do you see that lack stellar cheek bones, radiant skin, and dashing smiles? Those folks are few and far between, and practically none of them snatch leading roles. I don’t care what acting schools they attended in the past. Unfortunately my buddy never got a single call back following an audition. It’s a tough town, that Hollywood.

Attending reputable acting schools is one thing, but if you’re dead-set on becoming a famous actor or actress, you’d better focus on your image as well. As sad as it may sound, image is almost more imperative in Hollywood than talent is now days. They want it all!