Important Steps to Create Better Website Graphics!

Does having an ebook cover or mini-site header graphic on your website increase your sales or does it hurt your business in through long run.

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Having been in the graphic design business for over 2 years now, here are a few things that I’ve learned that it all comes down to; professional images. Do your graphics look good enough? Do they have the right designs?

What do I mean?

Well let’s say that your websites sells an audio product -cd about a recent interview you did. Now, let’s assume you have some great website-designs but what would happen if you had an ebook cover on your website, well you would probably get a few sales, but it wouldn’t sell great.

Let’s see what would happen if you had an image of a cd with a cd case. How much better would your sales increase, well first thing would be that your customers would see the cd product and know instantly that the website sells an audio product, there are hundreds & thousands who are actively seeking audio products. Your sales would increase just by showing the graphics of an audio cd.

By all means I wouldn’t recommend going out and creating an audio cd, unless you have people actively seeking your target market and you can write a decent sales letter.

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If you take all of the popular and hot selling products online & offline what do they all have in common?

You guessed it, website graphics, which consist of:

header panel
ebook cover
order button
background image
footer image

Just by having any of the above graphics on your website, you can dramatically increase your Website sales. People have reported that their sales have increased by as much as 443% (the above example is for a customer I did some graphics for).

I wouldn’t recommend either creating your own graphics, if you’ve never done it before. I would recommend hiring someone to do them for you; there are hundreds of highly recommended web designing persons who could do them at a reasonable price.

Now, if you’re looking to save some money creating website graphics, then by all means go ahead, there are lots of software which will help you to do the job right.

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Here are just a few:

Adobe Photoshop 5 or above so that you can use the action scripts
Action scripts – ebook/cd/ezine/spiral/membership card covers
Royalty free stock images – from as little as $1.00 per image
Special ecover software – software which creates graphics without Photoshop

Here are three steps to create great graphics:

Step 1

Open Photoshop and select the action script you want.

Then open the images you are going to add to the graphics, if you don’t have any try

Step 2

Enter your text on the template which the action script created.

Rearrange the text and images to where they look good on the graphics.

Choose the colors which will make everything stand out and look very professional.

Step 3

Once everything is looking good, simply save the image for the web and you’re done!

The above steps are exactly all you need to do, but if you’re not familiar with them then you will need to find tutorials for them, and maybe do a little bit of research for them on your favorite search engine.