Plan in Advance for your Next Great Tailgate Party

Though football is known for tailgating parties, plenty of fans that follow other sports like to do this as well. A tailgate party is one that takes place before a game, and sometimes on into it, and though not everyone tailgates, it is a tradition that does not want to go away. Some people think of this as part of the experience of going to an NFL game and wouldn’t have as much fun without it. If you want to host a party on your own, there are some must-haves that you should work on, and then all you have to do is to relax and have fun no matter which team you root for later.

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Food is a staple for any tailgate party that you can not do without. You can offer bags of chips with dip and other fun finger foods, but people are going to expect something hot and delicious at your party. There are typical foods like hot dogs and hamburgers, which will go over very well, but try to think of some original ideas. This can take some experimentation, because you typically have to cook all these things on a grill, but if you have something different, your party is going to draw a crowd each and every time you do it. You can build a reputation with one amazing food idea.

Drinks are an important part of a great tailgate party. This is one area where you should always deliver the good stuff, but you should also take some personal responsibility. You do not want to offer so much that your guests are hammered before the game even starts. This can cause fights, and can also lead to problems with their tickets being rejected because they are obviously intoxicated. You also don’t want someone’s DUI on your shoulders, especially if someone gets hurt or killed. Have a great selection of drinks, but find your inner bartender intuition and refuse more to someone who obviously does not need it.

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Children can be a great part of a tailgate party too. Because children love football, they are often at games with their parents. If children are around, you have to have some child ready foods and drinks for them. You may even want to have some small games that they can play right there in the parking lot. If you know your kids are always going to be there, or if your close friends always bring kids, you may want to tone down the adult elements of your party to have a more family friendly one. You can still have fun, but remember kids learn what they see more than they learn what they are told.

Excessive tailgating can lead to problems just like excessive drinking in a local bar. You don’t want to have any legal problems just because you wanted to have a good time before the game. Keep tabs on your own drinking. You don’t want to forget the experience of the game just because you drank too much, and you certainly don’t want to see anyone hurt.

A tailgate party is only a great one if everyone has fun. You don’t have to be ripped to have a great time, and in fact, you’ll have a better time if you take it easy and relax.