Healthy Dog Treats

Take a trained dog, and command him to “sit.” When he does so, reward him with a treat. Then tell him to stay, and reward him with another treat. Then have him roll over, play dead and shake and reward him with treats accordingly. After a while, this can get kind of addicting for both the human and the dog.

dogs photoThe reason dogs are so popular as pets is because of their lovable, loyal and obedient nature and their ability to be trained easily. Naturally, we want to reward our pet dogs for their good behavior, and the best way to do that is with what dogs love most: dog treats. Biscuits, bacon strips, marrow bones, sausages, you name it —most dogs flip for them, and will keep flipping as long as you provide them with a reason to do so.

However, it’s important not to reward your dog with too many dog treats. Obesity is a rising epidemic among pets as well as humans, and feeding your pet dog excessively can be detrimental to his health.

Obese pets can suffer a lot of the same consequences that humans with obesity can suffer from: arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. While humans have the ability to change their own lifestyle habits, pets do not.

dog eating photoYour pet depends on you for a healthy diet and consequently a long, healthy life. Dog treats should not contribute to a significant portion of a dog’s diet. Rather, dog treats are meant to be a supplement or an occasional indulgence. One dog treat a day is plenty for your dog.

In addition to the frequency with which you reward your dog with treats, you can also control the nutritional value of the treats your dog consumes. You can opt for healthier dog treat brands that contain all natural ingredients that will offer your dog a more balanced diet. You can also find plenty of healthy homemade dog treat recipes online.

Reward your dog with homemade jerky cake, frozen peanut butter yogurt and liver cookies that are easy to make and taste great to your pet (though not necessarily to us!). Your pet dog will appreciate any treat that you give him, so why not give him a treat that is good for his body as well as his taste buds? As long as they are healthy and occasional, dog treats are a great way to strengthen the bond between you and man’s best friend.