Successful Social Bookmarking Strategies

Social bookmarking is an excellent method for both direct traffic and good rankings. The search engines know that the social bookmarking sites are a direct indicator of what people have an interest in and sites directly show what people are looking at. Sure, they know marketers use it, but they realise that the majority of content that is social bookmarked multiple times is real content that people are finding useful and interesting. They are aware marketers use it but know most sites that are bookmarked multiple times are genuinely useful. They know marketers use it and know that most sites that have multiple social bookmarks are of interest to real people.

You can use this to your benefit and use social bookmarking to get your sites ranking well for their keywords.

You will need to get yourself accounts on the social bookmarking sites you want to use. Adding manual social bookmarks will take a lot of time, so look at software such as OnlyWire which automates the submission process. This will make things a lot easier.

social bookmarking photoOnce you have your account set up, find some other Internet marketers, friends or family who are able to set up an account themselves. Then you basically exchange bookmarks. They bookmark your site and you bookmark theirs in return. Most marketers only have their sites bookmarked once, and very occasionally more than once. The search engines will know this and so pay attention to sites with multiple bookmarks. This technique makes it easy to get multiple bookmarks to give your sites a boost in the search engines.

Alternatively, you can outsource the bookmarking and hire people to do it for you. If you are creating a lot of sites this can start to get expensive. You can find someone on forums such as Digitalpoint who will give you a reasonable price, but it is still going to add up.

You can apply the same technique to sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg, both of which are potential sources of large amounts of traffic. These sites expect more newsworthy and interesting articles. It is possible get the thousands of visitors in a few hours with a well written article.

social bookmarking photoYou can set up multiple social bookmarking accounts and bookmark your own sites. However, most of these sites will realise what you are doing and shut you down unless you use proxies. This can be done, but often the hassle isn’t worth it, particularly when it is easy to network with other marketers.

Networking with other marketers and trading bookmarks also has a side effect of building your network of contacts. These could potentially become joint venture partners, product partners or more in the future.

Social bookmarking is an excellent way for you to obtain traffic both from the search engines and from the social bookmarking sites. Do it well and you can enhance your search engine rankings and from this, your traffic.