Constructive Ways to Track your Weight Loss

If you are dieting, you can fall into the bad habit of stepping on the scale each and every morning hoping to see a lower number. This is something that can lead you to fall off of your diet because most find that weighing themselves each morning is maddening, to say the least. Instead, you should find constructive ways to track weight loss so that you know that you are going in the right direction, but you are not driving yourself crazy over every ounce that you think should be coming off. Give yourself a break and find the best solution for you.

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You can easily track weight loss with the scales of course, as long as you realize the scales are not the only thing that you should worry about to see results. The pounds coming off is important, and you probably have a goal weight, but this method should only be used in conjunction with some of the other ways to keep track of how well you are doing. If you want to get on the scales, do it just once a week, maybe twice. If you are obsessively on the scale, throw it out. Get weighed when you go to the doctor or find another source so that you can only do it so often. It should help stop the scale obsession.

Along with your random scales checks, get out the measuring tape. This is a far better method of keeping track of how well you are doing. You can track weight loss with a measuring tape by taking measurements each week. You can measure your waist, hips, and perhaps an arm or one of your thighs. Write down your measurements each week and then compare them over the long run. At times, especially if you are working out a lot, the scale may not move much, but your inches are getting smaller. This is one of the best ways to keep track, even though you think it is extremely low tech. It works.

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You can also find some tools online to help you to track weight loss. There are special sites, some of them free, that allow you to put your weight and/or your measurements into the program and it tells you how you are doing. You usually put your starting weight and your goal weight in and it gives you all types of great information. You can also find ones that allow you to put in your meals each day so that you are sure of your calorie count. If you are eating more calories than you think, which happens more often than you think, this program will let you know. You can correct problems early with this type of program.

If you really need help, you should think about joining a weight loss program that helps you track weight loss by holding you accountable. Some have a weigh in, which is often a local program, so that you know you have to work hard. You can win prizes and inspire others in some cases, as long as you are doing well. There are groups like this online. If you can’t find one that you like, you can always set up something on your own, invite your friends, and have them invite their friends. That may be all the support that you need.