Start Eating Arugula for Better Health

All types of green vegetables are beneficial for your health, and arugula is not an exception.

The leafy green arugula plant is also known as garden rocket, salad rocket, rugola and colewort. It is predominantly grown in the United States, Europe and North Africa.

Arugula is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It contains high levels of folic acid, vitamins A, C and K, as well as other minerals like potassium, manganese, iron and calcium.

This delicious leafy green is also high in fiber and phytochemicals, while it is low in sugar, calories, carbohydrates and fat.

Arugula’s flowers, seeds and leaves are all edible. The highly distinctive and peppery crunch of the leaves goes well with salads and other cold dishes. It can also be used as a healthy add-on topping for pizza, nachos, sandwiches and wraps. The soft leaves can even be chewed to combat bad breath.

No matter how you wish to eat arugula, you will surely benefit by doing so.

start eating arugula daily

Here are the top reasons why you should start eating arugula.

1. Lowers Cancer Risk

Arugula is a cancer-fighting superfood. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, it also is packed with compounds known as glucosinolates, which are broken down into powerful compounds known as indoles, thiocyanates and isothiocyanates. These compounds are effective in preventing cancer.

arugula lowers cancer risk

A 2001 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that phytochemicals from cruciferous plants offer anticancer benefits.

A 2014 study published in PLOS ONE reports that erucin, the major isothiocyanate in arugula, is beneficial in preventing cancer activities.

This helps in reducing the risk of developing lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, cervical, colon and pancreatic cancer.

2. Aids Weight Loss

Arugula has a positive effect on weight loss efforts. Its low calorie count means you are not adding unnecessary calories to your diet by eating arugula.

arugula aids weight loss

Moreover, arugula is among the most popular nutrient-dense foods, which means you get to control your calorie intake without sacrificing nutrition.

Being rich in dietary fiber, arugula helps fill you up, prevent nutrient deficiencies and provide ongoing energy.

Simply replace grain-based foods that promote weight gain with arugula and other dark leafy greens. You will be amazed at how quickly you’ll lose pounds.

3. Controls Blood Pressure

The potassium in arugula helps control your blood pressure. Potassium helps your kidneys get rid of more sodium through your urine, which in turn lowers your blood pressure.

arugula controls blood pressure

Potassium is also vital for heart and nerve functions, as it helps the muscles contract normally.

The other minerals in arugula like calcium and magnesium also play an important role in helping your blood vessels to relax, thereby promoting healthy blood pressure levels.

Moreover, the inflammation-lowering antioxidants in arugula help control heart rhythms. Also, the dietary fiber in it aids in removing cholesterol and toxins from the body.

4. Detoxifies the Body

Arugula is highly alkaline and high in nutrients, thus aiding in detoxification. Restoring alkalinity in the blood is important for the detoxification process.

arugula detoxofoes the body

This leafy green is a great source of alkalizing and detoxifying chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps protect healthy cells and bodily tissue by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes.

Also, it promotes optimal liver health, which is important for the body’s natural elimination of potentially harmful toxins.

Plus, it is rich in vitamin C and phytochemicals that promote detoxification.

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