Fiber Base Diet’s

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You may have been hearing a lot about fiber lately, but wonder if there is any point in adding more to your diet. We often think of a fiber diet as being something that is for those that are getting on in age because their digestive systems are not working as well as they wish. While it is true that we need more fiber as we age, this is something that benefits just about everyone. If you can add more fiber to your diet, you are going to feel better, look better, and wonder why you didn’t add more fiber earlier. It really is an essential part of any good eating plan.


One thing that a fiber diet can do is to help you lose weight. If you add more fiber, your feel fuller longer. Those that eat a diet high in processed carbs and low in fiber rich foods are hungrier more often, which is the kiss of death in any diet plan. Fiber takes much longer to digest, and some just passes through without digesting at all, leaving you feel fuller. If your stomach is still full, you are not going to overeat. This is one very good reason to have a high fiber diet. You eat less so you lose. It’s very simple and it works.


Fiber can also help you clean out your system. We often don’t like to think about things like this, but if your digestive system is very slow moving, it could mean you need to clear things out. A fiber diet can help you feel regular, and you don’t have to be up there in age to want and need this benefit. Fiber passes through and can actually wrap around things sitting in your system, thus flushing these things out. Those on a higher fiber diet will be more regular, which means less bloating and even a slightly slimmer waist line.

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You may find that putting your children on a higher fiber diet helps them do better throughout the day. Any child that his hungry becomes irritable, and also less likely to concentrate on school work or whatever they happen to be doing. If they are fuller longer, they are going to do better, be in a better mood, and are also less likely to pig out on sugary foods because they are hungry just an hour after they have had breakfast. A fiber diet for them may just be a good high fiber breakfast, which should carry them well through lunch time.


You can add fiber to your diet in many ways. There are some great cereals on the market that are high in fibers for you and your kids. Raisin Bran is a good one, and so are Mini Wheats. You can add high fiber breads and other bread products to your diet. Don’t forget about the most common way to add to your fiber diet, and that would be fruits and vegetables. Skip the juice and eat the fruit. The fiber is stripped out when something is juiced. These can be all you need to have a fiber diet that gives health benefits to everyone in your household.