Geostorm, review: Gerard Butler plays a meteorologist in this appalling action flop

Dir: Dean Devlin; Starring: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Robert Sheehan, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia; 12A cert, 109 min

In The Day After Tomorrow, there was no arguing with climate change: when a modern-day ice age blew in, accompanied by catastrophic flash floods and typhoons, all its protagonists could do was take cover, light fires, and hope.

Geostorm plays things a little differently. In Dean Devlin’s film, which stars Gerard Butler as the world’s leading meteorologist, when the weather misbehaves, you bomb the weather into submission.

Here’s how it works. Butler’s Jake Lawson is the head of a global initiative called “Dutch Boy”, for its supposed thumb-in-the-dam pragmatism: whenever threatening weather starts to brew, it’s immediately blasted by a network of enormous lasers mounted on satellites, and civilisation rolls on untroubled. Thanks, science!

Except one day, the system malfunctions, and whips up a cold snaps that flash-freezes an entire desert village in seconds. So it’s up to Jake to pay a visit to Dutch Boy’s command centre, on a space station, and work out what’s afoot.