Breakfast Diet!?!?

36808790-frisee-salad-with-bacon-and-poached-eggYou have heard it many times before and you know it by heart now – a good filling breakfast is vitally important. It gives your metabolism just the kind of start to a day that it needs. But perhaps there is this minor detail to do with a great breakfast diet that has escaped your attention – did you know that a breakfast diet that includes certain important choices of food can actually get your body to burn up fat a lot more quickly than it otherwise would? One of the most important ingredients of a great breakfast that helps your body burn more fat, is a substance called resistant starch (don’t worry, it’s found in all kinds of regular foods – bananas, oats and others). What you need is a bunch of great ideas for a breakfast diet that sets you off on the right foot at the start of your day – burning fat as quickly as possible.

Let’s start with a breakfast idea that you can’t go wrong with – it includes a rye bread toast, and a smothering of almond butter and slices of banana. The best part is, it includes several grams of resistant starch. Making it could hardly be any simpler. All you need is a slice of rye bread that you toast; you lay the almond butter on thick and decorate the whole thing with your banana slices. Why almond butter, you ask? It has MUFA’s that really help you burn your fat faster. But perhaps breakfast doesn’t quite feel the same without pancakes. Try a delightful oat and blueberry pancake recipe for your new resistant starch-rich breakfast diet. To begin, get together a cup of rolled oats, a half-cup of low-fat cottage cheese, a couple of eggs, a cup of blueberries, a teaspoon of vanilla, maple syrup and cooking spray. Mix the oats, the vanilla, the cheese and the eggs together until smooth. Once that’s done, you throw in aID-100366024 handful of blueberries, and the batter should be ready. All you need to do is to coat a nice nonstick pan with cooking spray, and lay out your pancake batter. It doesn’t need to cook any more than three minutes. You cook both sides until everything is nice and golden, and you serve it with maple syrup.

But perhaps your biggest problem with a proper breakfast diet is that you scarcely have any time for decent meal preparation. In that case, you’ll really be interested in a little fruit salad. All you need to do is to mix two-thirds of a cup of water with a third of a cup of pearl barley. Microwave it for about six minutes on the high setting. Once it’s out and cooled somewhat, garnish with banana and honey, and you should have a refreshing meal to rush through. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to run through this recipe. Sometimes, you don’t even have time for this; make sure that you stock up on some great resistant-starch snacks in your kitchen – whole-grain muffins, granola, and of course, bananas.