Last Minute Flights

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Somehow, all the travel websites seem to be priced for the traveler who plans her trips in advance. People who buy last-minute plane tickets, the travel websites assume, are people who just can’t put their trips off. They assume that if you get up in the morning and decide to take a trip just like that, you are probably someone who has urgent business needs in mind. And they’ll milk you as much as they can. So what is an impromptu traveler to do who just wants to go out on a weekend without planning a whole lot? There are dedicated websites for you that you need to know about.


Start with LastMinute, by Travelocity. This is a website that completely targets those who wish to travel for a weekend vacation. What that means is, that if you want a trip on Mondays or Tuesdays, you’ll be out of luck on this website. Since this is a vacation site, your choice of travel packages will include the price of a hotel too. For a trip to, say, Canada or to Mexico, you can expect something around the $500 range per person over the weekend.

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If you are the lookout for last-minute plane tickets, what could be more intuitive than going to a site that calls itself LastMinuteTravel? This is a vacation-oriented website as well. If you’re looking for a weekend holiday, this website will offer you last-minute deals on flights, places to stay, and cars to rent. And you can get packages with cruises and activities included. This is a website that channels Priceline though. They don’t tell you the name of the hotel you get. They only tell you about the amenities and the neighborhood.
And finally, sometimes, the best last-minute plane tickets come to you right from the source. American Airlines and a few other airline companies, a little tired of paying the booking websites a hefty fee for the privilege of being listed on them, have withdrawn from them altogether. These days, the best deals in variety of situations are available right with the airlines themselves. American, for instance, offers you a discount weekend packages for both domestic and international flights, under a banner called Net SAAver Weekend Getaway fares. If you are not looking for the whole vacation deal with hotels and rental cars included, this is where you need to head. Going coast-to-coast for instance, a round trip costs no more than $260 over a weekend (taxes being extra). In fact, for the best deals at the last minute, make sure you always check the airline websites first.