Personal Statement Writing Tips

Updated resumes and testimonials play an important part when applying for admission to any institution. However, these many not speak clearly about the achievements, abilities and expectations of the applicant. Most of these are copy and paste ideas that may not have the life to express what an individual is looking for in relation to the credentials. It is important to show the abilities and ways through which these abilities have molded that person.

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For that reason, an applicant should consider writing a personal statement. This is a creative explanation of the activities in that person’s life in relation to the request made. For instance, if person is applying for admission to a medical school, a person can indicate the impact the first degree in medicine has in the person’s life and the community, and why it is necessary for that person to acquire more skills. In other cases, writing a personal statement may be a requirement when seeking admission to institutions of higher learning. The aim is to show the creativity and knowledge an applicant holds in relation to the situation.

The most important thing a person should remember is what should be included and its relevance. This is only possible if the applicant takes time to understand the objectives and then conduct a self assessment. Writing a personal statement means finding distinct, striking and exceptional qualities about the individual. If all this is in the life story, then the applicant can go ahead and tell it in a concise way pointing at particular achievements. This means eliminating information that does not relate to the present situation. It should not be a continuous babble without a defined structure; the first paragraph should show the focus while the rest of the statement will detail it. It should draw the attention and make the panel want to read on further.

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One of the mistakes applicants make is forgetting to fit themselves in the shoes of the panel. What does not make sense to the applicant will not make sense to the panel. For all this, the grammar should be above average with descriptive phrases and no grammatical errors. The panel does not have time to waste trying to comprehend phrases that are wrongly structured. This will put that applicant in the lower group because creativity skills are also checked. If there is a word limit or page limit, it must be followed. The range is usually between 50 and 200 words. If the applicant decides to extend beyond the limit, disqualification is automatic for failing to follow simple rules.

An applicant can research on writing a personal statement before making one because the style also varies across industries and professions. The easiest way to do this is searching for sample templates online and reading through to understand the structure and tone.