Spooky Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations photoThere are two distinct parts to scaring the living daylights out of people on Halloween. You need to dress up as something particularly nasty and unpleasant yourself, and then you have to dress your home up so it looks exactly like what it isn’t – a deep, dark haunted place that has some very scary secrets. And these spooky and scary Halloween decorations should help turn your home and yard into a scare-fest.

Let’s start with the outside. For some reason, come Halloween, people really like the idea of turning their front yard into a graveyard. The idea doesn’t spook them. But they do hope that it’ll spook every passerby. One wonders if Michael Jackson liked scary Halloween decorations like this given his penchant for scary ghosties and beasties. It doesn’t have to cost much – something around $10 should do.

Of course, the idea is popular enough that they sell everything you need to turn your yard over to the Grim Reaper, at the Halloween stores. But where’s the fun in that? You could make a bunch of tombstones with stiff cardboard, gray paint to make them look like stone, and a paintbrush and paint to write an inscription. Now you don’t want to actually cut into your lawn to stake these in place. Instead, you can cut those cardboard headstones extra-long, bend the lower halves under and place a weight on them. To round out the effect, buy cheap stretchable spiderwebs and stretch them out over the stones.

Now coming to the interior, there is almost no end to the amount of scary stuff you can make. For instance, how about eyes on every picture frame and mirror in the house that look at you? Especially creepy would be glow-in-the-dark eyes. All you need to do is paint eye-shaped patches of glue with a paintbrush, and sprinkle glow-in-the-dark glitter on the glue. Makes for great spooky effect in the dark when the eyes look at you everywhere.

Little scary floating heads all around should be one of the easiest kinds of scary Halloween holiday decorations for inside the house. These are easy to make. Grab a bunch of white helium balloons, and paint scary ghoulish faces on them. And let them loose around the house. No strings needed. Especially scary would be if you would do this a couple of days before Halloween. By the time Halloween swings around, these balloons should have had a bit of their gas leak out and should be floating at about 6 feet. What a scary effect!