Taking Care of Your Bed

comforters photoYour bed is one place that you will spend time each day. Though some people do not get enough sleep, everyone gets some at least once a day. You should be spending up to a third of your life in bed sleeping, and you may also spend time there watching TV with your children or spending quiet times with your partner in life. With so much of your life being spent in your bed, you should know how to pick out and care for bedding and comforters so they are as clean, soft and durable as you need them to be. You don’t see them while sleeping, but you sure do feel them on your skin.

Bedding and comforters can be hard to care for because most do not fit into a home washing machine, or if they do, they should not be washed this way. If you have a comforter that you can fit into your washer, do yourself a favor. Check to be sure they can go through this type of cycle (most can) and then find out specifics about water temperature and what type of cycle to use. You may have to run a comforter through two cycles to make sure you get it clean, as these can hold a lot of dust and dirt, and it also is probably full of flakes of skin. It sounds gross, but it’s in there.

Your bedding other than your comforter can be washed more easily and more often. Some people change their bedding once a week and that is all that they need to do. Some people do it twice a week. It is really a personal preference. Going longer than a week can cause problems for some people though. They may get acne breakouts and have other problems, which can be attributed to dirty bedding and comforters. Change them once a week and use a sensitive detergent if you have sensitive skin for the best sleeping experience you can get.

If you find that you can not wash your items at home, you have to make time to go out to a laundry mat to wash them. Comforters are usually the problem when it comes to fitting bedding and comforters in a washing machine, so leave the bedding at home and take your comforter out to a clean laundromat. Some towns have these that are iffy, but there is usually at least one nice one near you. If you use sheets consistently, you should only have to wash your comforter when soiled, or once a month. It can be a pain, but it keeps them looking nicer and smelling nicer for a long time to come.

Lastly, you can do something nice with your bedding and comforters if you live where you have a lawn and some privacy. In the spring, summer, and fall months, you can air them out on a line. This is something that does more than you think it can do. You can air dry them out there, or you can hang them out after you have done them in your drier. This leaves a clean scent that you simply can not get with a fabric softener. If you want truly magical, scented bedding items, hit the clothes line once in a while. You’ll be sleeping at night surrounded by fresh air.