The Price of Stopping Acid Reflux

If it’s acid reflux that you’re worried about, everyone knows how certain foods take more than their share of the blame. Of course, it is easy to tell someone that all they need to do to stop suffering is to stop eating certain foods.

The problem is that to stop acid reflux, most people who suffer from it would need to drop about half of everything on the standard American menu. As difficult as it might seem, that really would be the answer. Cut down on these foods, and never come down with that burning and bloated feeling again.

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Of all the foods that you’re likely to be asked to stop eating, chocolate is probably the one you’re likely to protest the most. For something you eat just a little bit of every now and then as a treat, chocolate certainly seems to cause more than its share of trouble. What is it about chocolate that makes acid reflux so bad?

To begin with, chocolate is made of cocoa. Of course, as you’re likely to read anywhere, there really is something about cocoa. In addition to what cocoa does on its own, it has help from caffeine and other stimulants that melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate contains, that just bubble your stomach acid up. Is every kind of chocolate equally bad for a reflux situation? Not exactly. Milk chocolate happens to contain a lot more fat than dark chocolate; and fat is bad for a reflux situation.

So you are trying to stop acid reflux from being a recurring nightmare; you hate that you have to give up chocolate, but you’re willing to get with the program. Are you at least allowed to dip into a couple of your other favorite foods to comfort yourself – say french fries and a nice sizzling glass of Coke? There are two things that are wrong with that picture: fried foods and carbonated beverages.

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Carbonated beverages put carbon dioxide into your stomach. All the expanding gas that escapes from the soda fills your tummy up and pushes against the valve that separates your food pipe from your stomach. When that happens, a little acid is bound to get through. Coke and Pepsi are the worst kinds of soda. Not only are they carbonated, they also contain caffeine. And fried foods need to go off your list too. They contain too much fat -a top cause of acid reflux.

Is there any kind of comfort food that you are allowed to enjoy in peace? How about ice cream? Ice cream is actually okay; but only if you pick the low-fat kind. You need to remember that it’s a running theme through any piece of advice you are likely to hear that tries to help you stop acid reflux.

Fat is the enemy. That means, no regular ice cream, no cheese, and certainly no regular yogurt. It also means, that you need to stay away from your favorite fatty cuts of meat. You certainly can be successful in your attempt to stop acid reflux in its tracks. But it will be a battle you’ll need to fight against things like these just as much as it is a battle you’ll need to fight against acid reflux itself.