Tips to get your baby to sleep

Baby Sleep Tips that could have Knocked Mike Tyson out as a baby.

baby-sleep-daughter-2100709-oWhen some smug mother of a toddler tells you she never had any trouble getting her baby to sleep right through the night without bothering her (what sleep deprivation?), you have to look at said mother with a degree of suspicion. You have a baby yourself and have lots of friends with babies; and they all look like they’re ready to be cast in Night of the Zombies. Still, you have to give the mother a bit of benefit of the doubt. Maybe she knows tricks that you don’t. Chances are that if you askd her, she’ll probably tell you about following baby sleep tips she likes that knock her baby right out (in a good way).

Mothers think that every time they are with their child, that they have to be completely engaged with eye contact, smile and cuddles. Your baby lives for eye contact at this point. The little thing can’t eat on his own, can’t speak, can do pretty much nothing; he wants to know that he is cared for. And eye contact is what he is always looking for. If you are trying to put your baby to bed, make sure that you don’t give him eye contact. You can gently cuddle your baby, hold him and perhaps carress him. But don’t look into his eyes.

You are probably guessing now that these baby sleep tips concentrate somewhat on making sure your baby doesn’t get any stimulation of any kind. A warm little bath before bed with gentle washing motions with a wash cloth could knock Mike Tyson out (Tyson was a baby at one time too, you know). Make sure the bath doesn’t include any noisy bath time toys.emily_girl_baby_909772_o

Let’s say that your baby does wake up in the middle of the night even after all this care you’ve put into helping him stay asleep. There are some sensible baby sleep tips that recommend doing what is known as a dream feed these days. What you do is, you give your baby a feedwhen he’s not hungry, right before bedtime. He will learn to accommodate a meal at that time and it will help him sleep.

And finally, more than any special baby sleep tips, a little common sense goes a long way. Make sure that nothing happens in the middle of the night that should startle your baby awake. For instance, it is likely that you will not want your baby to sleep with a wet diaper all night. But you don’t want to be waking your baby up to change her diaper. What you do is, you get a super-absorbent overnight diaper. Make sure that after your baby falls asleep, that you remove her pacifier gently. What happens with many babies is, that they wake up in the middle of the night right after the pacifier falls out of their mouth and startes them.