Understanding the Business of how a Low Car Insurance Rate Quote Works


People love their cars. Check out the kind of crowds they have at any auto expo if you have a hard time believing it. If you are right about now toying with the idea of replacing your existing car with a new car in the near future, it is likely that like most other buyers, you’ll put in almost every ounce of your spare energy and time into researching the best car to buy and the best prices to get. And thinking about the car insurance rates you’ll get will probably be about the last thing on your mind. Wait…. you probably won’t think of it at all until it comes up at the dealership.


If only people would work the whole insurance thing into their car buying plans to begin with. An insurance company will always quote you your car insurance rate based in some measure on the kind of driving history you have. But the price of your new car is the biggest factor. Buy an expensive new car, and you can easily get car insurance rates that add about $1000 to what you used to pay. And they also have another reason as well why they would like to add to your bill. New cars have newer technology; and that translates usually into more expensive repair bills.


The recession has had two kinds of effects on the way people in America drive today. There are more who don’t keep their vehicles properly maintained and serviced, and there are more who don’t buy insurance. Since there are fewer people paying for their insurance, the insurance companies are having to take their pool of resources from a smaller group of people. Insurance rates have risen about 8%. Once you have called for the best car insurance rate quotes you can get, this is what you need to think about to narrow your choice of car down to the one you will go with.


Small cars are expensive to insure – about $1400 a year; that’s because insurers imagine that it’s a young and inexperienced driver buying his first car who usually heads for the compact segment. And they consider these a risky bet going by their inexperience. A sports car can really cut into your budget getting insured – something to the tune of $2500 a year. The insurance companies see that sports car owner is likely to drive fast and in a risky fashion. The cheapest kind of cars to insure are minivans and small-sized SUVs. These are the kinds of vehicles that soccer moms prefer; and any car that soccer moms prefer, has the insurance companies’ vote of confidence. These cost no more than $1000 a year to insure.


If you can possibly buy the previous year’s model of car, you could save a few hundred dollars on the car insurance rates you are quoted. A car that has a recall issued can cost you a bit more, and buying a car that happens to be on the Insurance Crime Bureau’s list of most desired cars to steal can cost you too. Make sure that the car you have in mind plays by the insurance companies rulebook. And you could save hundreds of dollars on your annual insurance bill.